Saturday, June 14, 2014


Sunday, June 15th is Father’ Day.  The day is not a pleasant one for me.  My father died around the time of this post on an October Saturday night in 1998.  He was only 54 years old.  To me one doesn’t grow up until they lose a parent, and I became an adult at age 28. The only thought that gave me comfort is that my father had just rededicated his life to Christ a week before he was put on a ventilator.  I knew he was in Heaven. To this day my brothers and I never say the phrase “Daddy died” but prefer to say he simply left.  It’s easier to deal with that way.

Nearly 16 years have passed and the pain of his absence has turned into numbness.  We don’t mention Daddy on Father’s Day, but choose to focus on two of my brothers who are fathers.  It’s amusing to watch these same boys who locked horns with Daddy act just like him with their children.  I don’t doubt I’ll do and say some of the same things when I’m mother.

My Daddy was one of a kind, and after he left I found myself searching for another who could play that role in my life.  None of the older men in my life could measure up.  None had the stature and presence that would cause a mighty warrior to flee.  All that changed on a Thursday night in October of 2013. 

I love the TV Show, “Scandal.”  Yes, I am a Gladiator and not ashamed of it.  I am glued to my television on Thursday nights, iPad in hand as alternate live Tweeting with the cast and chatting with fellow Gladiators in our virtual B613 living room.  There is bowl of popcorn nearby and a glass of wine (sometimes chocolate milk ‘cause I’m groovy like that).  It was the season premier and the episode picked up where Olivia confronted Rowan “Eli” Pope.  She calls him “Dad”, but Gladiators know him as “Command.”  In this particular scene Liv was trying to tell her father what she was not going to do.  Well that did not sit well with Big Daddy Pope (my name for him) and next followed a monologue that would have impressed Shakespeare.  It was as if I was watching Daddy on screen!  Here is the clip if you're not familiar with it.

I was so impressed with the scene that I Tweeted Joe Morton, the gifted actor who plays Command.  To my shock he replied.

To use the words of the great songwriter, Isaac Hayes, Eli Pope is a bad muther – shut yo’ mouth! On that night, I christened Big Daddy Pope as my adopted TV Daddy.  He will never take the place of my Heavenly or Earthly Father, but he’s up there.
Happy Father's Day!!!
Question:  Have you ever searched for someone to fill an empty space in your heart?
Scripture:  2 Corinthians 6:18

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