Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hush Your Mouth

Oh, the adventures of going to the doctor. A husband and wife team are the physicians and a nurse practitioner assists them. The times aren’t totally accurate, and names have been withheld to show mercy to the guilty.

4:15pm – Arrive for my 4:20pm doctor’s appointment. The waiting area is practically filled with approximately 30 people. Among them:

·         A woman who made appointments for 2 children, yet brought 4 to be examined.

·         Several walk-in patients upset because they’re asked to wait.

·         A couple with their infant son. When the mother shares the baby is going to be circumcised, the men in the waiting area squirm in their seats.

·         2 children running back and forth to the water fountain.

4:20pm – Receptionist/Intern asks me for my office visit co-pay and the nature of my visit.

4:30pm – I’m called to have my vitals checked (the last name is "Girl", not "Grill"). I’m asked the usual questions and again the nature of my visit. Return to the waiting area and my seat is gone. I end up leaning against a wall and to read my book.

4:50pm - My lab results are missing from my file, yet they should have been faxed over a week ago. Student intern asks if I’m sure I had the blood test done. Remembering I’m a Christian, I resist the temptation to call this girl a very unlady like name. I calmly instruct the intern to call the lab and request the results be faxed ASAP. Make mental note to complain to sister-in-law who works for the lab.

5:10pm – A seat opens up next to the bathroom. Not the most fragrant location, so thank goodness for a stuffy nose. The chair allows me to see into the receptionist area. Hmmm….the office has a WiFi Connection. I pull out my iPad and scan for a connection. Cool – the hotspot isn’t secure! Not great for security, but wonderful for me as I surf the web, check my email and rearrange my Netflix queue.

5:30pm-6:00pm - My friend Karen and I have a lively discussion via email. I share some of my observations and she tells me it will make a great blog entry (similar to "Observations from the County Fair").

As I’m working on my table, I hear Christmas music playing in the office. Have I been in this waiting area that long???? No, the intern put in a new CD. She changes it after a couple songs. I’m normally okay with opera, but now I find it irritating. I wish I’d brought my earphones to listen to the music on my iPad.

6:15pm – An agonizing scream comes from an exam room. Yep, it’s the newly circumcised baby. The man across from me turns pale.

6:30pm – I haven’t eaten since Noon and my blood sugar’s dropping. I dig around in my purse and find a lowfat granola bar to munch on. Yum - at this point it tastes like an appetizer from a 5 star restaurant.

6:35pm - One of the water fountain kids has tied up the bathroom. His sister is doing a one legged dance next to me. If she goes on the floor so help me I’ll scream and slap her mother. Hope my buddies have bail money.

6:45pm - I almost forget why I’m at the doctor.

7:00pm – I’m called back to an exam room.

7:20pm – The doctor enters but it’s not my doctor –it’s her husband! I ask where my physician is and am told she’s out sick. The goofy intern that couldn’t find my lab results never told me my doctor wasn’t in.

7:22pm – I stare blankly at him.

7:23pm – The doctor asks if I can come see his wife the following Thursday.

7:23pm and 10 seconds – I lose it, releasing the frustration that has simmered for the past 2 hours.

7:24 – The doctor apologizes for the mistake of the intern and asks if I can see his wife Monday.

7:25pm – I return to the reception desk to make a new appointment, eager to go off on the goofy intern. She’s gone for the day, so the poor nurse experiences "The Wrath of Fluffy." She promises that I’ll be the first patient Monday morning, and won’t have to pay for the visit.

On the drive home I began feeling guilty about how I acted. I rationalized my feelings by saying “Even Jesus got angry” and then heard a small voice whisper “But I didn’t sin in my anger.”  Aww man! Talk about getting put in my place. Lesson learned, God.  Lesson learned.

Question: Have you said something intentionally hurtful to another?

Scripture: Ephesians 4:29

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