Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Observations From The County Fair

I work in higher education and each year I volunteer to help the recruiters by manning a table in the convention hall at the county fair. Perhaps convention hall is too kind – imagine a barn like gym with electrical outlets, running water and NO central air. The temp inside was 95+ degrees with a heat index of Hades. Armed with water, an afghan I'm crocheting (yet another skill), electric fan and a notebook, I started my 6 hour shift. I enjoy people watching and admit this was the craziest year I've ever attended. Below are samples of real conversations and observations. I apologize that some may come off as snippy, that was not my intention.  Blame it on the heat (smile).

I realize Senior Citizens may get chilly at times, but they shouldn't wear sweatshirts, sweaters and knit caps when the thermostat has a reading of HELL.

The blended aroma of deep fried Oreo cookies, roasted corn and pig manure are not pleasing.

Yes you may have a water bottle. No, I'm not giving away water….Yes, they really are empty.  

When did mullets come back in style?

At least say hello to me before swiping things off my table. I promise I won't bite!

Wow, I've never seen an orange Gideon Bible before. Gold, green, brown....Do you have a purple one?  

My giveaways of pens, pencils and note pads are gifts to market my college. Please don't do your back to school shopping at my table.

Yes ma'am, I work at the college. No, I don't know your cousin/brother/third cousin once removed.  

Spaghetti strap tank tops and braless DDD chests don't go well together.

No, I've never heard of Deep Fried Coca Cola……No, I DO NOT want any!!!  

It's a woman's right to wear a thong, I just don't want to see it. Especially true if worn and faded.

I could be updating my social media outlets but didn't bring a laptop and the building probably doesn't have Wi-Fi.

Why are 10 year olds taking my college catalogs and FAFSA forms???

Yes, I've worked at that Big 10 table in the past. No, I don't have any Big 10 giveaways.  

Please don't take my pre-stuffed bags and boldly empty the contents in the trash – in front of me! If you want a plastic bag to put your loot in, just ask me.

Why didn't I bring my hand sanitizer?????
Interestingly enough, this was the last year the institution had a table at the County Fair.  I was really a great way to connect with the community.  I guess I should have tried that Deep Fried Coca Cola after all.  You live and learn.

Question:  When was the last time you attended a county fair or carnival?  What was your favorite memory?  If you’ve never gone I encourage you to this summer.
Scripture:  James 1: 2-4


  1. Public events are the best places to people watch! Try the oreos next time.

  2. I have and they are yummy! They just needed to be drained more to get rid of the grease. Thanks for your suggestion. :-)