Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This Is It

Today, June 25, 2014 at 8:58am I completed a journey started three years ago.  I didn’t know what the end would look like.  I surely didn’t think it would look like me wearing a satin sleeping bonnet, pajamas and listening to the Jackson’s 5 “Never Can Say Goodbye” as I clicked submit on my computer.

What was this journey?  I started a graduate program that would help me navigate the next phase of my professional life.  The first phase wasn’t my choice, but something I stumbled upon and grew to like.  I believe when God wants you to take a new path He’ll let you know.  He did that and I went back to school.  If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself then make a change.

Love Never Felt So Good
“When people show you who they really are, believe them” is my favorite wisdom gem from the late Dr. Maya Angelou.  I’ve been blessed by cheerleaders and sister/friends who’ve stood by my side the last three years.  I also became aware of those who only saw me as stepping stone to their happiness.  Moving forward I have a clear vision of what categories people should be placed in.  Thankful for my circle, the others can just beat it.

The Lady In My Life
I wrote in my last entry about my breakup with_____.  I don’t have ill will toward him and am thankful for his contribution to my journey.  He encouraged me when I struggled and offered sound advice when he saw I was overwhelmed.  He influenced me to take my last course in May as opposed to taking two classes in Spring. 

“Fluffy, you’ll participate in Commencement this Fall either way.  Pace yourself, don’t take on too much.”
I heard from _____ this weekend and he referred to me using his name for me.  He won’t get a reply.  _____ made a decision about Fluffy, and has to let it sink in that “She’s Out Of My Life.”

In the next two weeks I’ll be taking time for myself, and will do as little as possible.  I will relax in the jacuzzi, read a non-textbook and pamper me.  This PYT needs some TLC.

Remember The Time
Forty years from now my grandchildren will ask where I was when I learned of Michael Jackson’s untimely death.  I’ll tell them I was sitting at a red light in my state’s capital when I heard it on the radio and my friend (in the car in front of me) stuck her head out the window and screamed “Michael died!”  However I’ll follow up with how I celebrated his 5th anniversary in Heaven by creating a legacy for our family.  Because of G-Mama Fluffy and HER-story, they will never wear the title “1st Generation College Graduate.”  Victory!

Question:  Michael Jackson was a gifted artist.  What are your gifts?
Scripture:  James 1:17


  1. I've enjoyed all of your post but this one by far has been my favorite. Congratulations to you on this huge milestone in your life. Don't stop here. Set and accomplish your next goal.

  2. Thank you! My goal for the next 30 days is "Rest and Renew." After that I have a definite action plan.