Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My First Love

A colleague contacted me last week and asked if I could personally meet with a friend needing the assistance my department provides.  He said her confidence and self-esteem levels very low.

“I know your time is very valuable, Fluffy, and I hate to be a bother – “

“It’s no bother at all.  I miss meeting with clients.  I’d be happy to meet with your friend.”

I met Annie for breakfast Monday morning.  Annie had worked for her family’s business for nearly 20 years when her siblings decided to close the shop, leaving her unemployed.  Annie was 57 years old, divorced and had a clinical psychology degree she’d never used.  As Annie shared her story I helped her realize she had acquired additional skills that would allow her to revisit her original passion – helping hurting people.  By the time we finished breakfast Annie had a new attitude, a sparkle in her eye and a game plan for dreaming again.

Annie said I helped her when in fact she helped me.  I've reached a point in my current job where I have very little contact with customers.  My day consists of reading what seems like hundreds of emails, attending meetings, returning phone calls, dialing into conference calls, reading more email and then closing up shop for the day. I also travel 150 miles roundtrip, 2-3 days weekly.  This has been my life for the past 12 months.  I’ve been given more responsibility while others were being terminated so I’m not complaining.  Annie helped me remember my first love – helping others find their way. 

Life is too short be trapped in a career you don’t like.  I’ve decided to file for divorce and pursue my first love.  I’ll let you know when we’ve set a wedding date.

Question:  Does your career reflect what you love?

Scripture:  Revelation 2: 2-4


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