Friday, December 26, 2014


I am a fairly private person.  I was raised that you kept your personal business at home and not put it on the streets.  The fact that I write this blog is a direct violation of what was instilled in me.  But guess what?  I’m going deeper.
In the past two months I’ve read two books by an author named Sarah (will tell you her last name in a bit).  In her books she is very open about her life experiences with the purpose of healing others.  Transparency is important to both of us.  Authenticity and transparency are the foundation of my recent graduate degree.  In my career they have helped me connect to clients because people can relate to my experiences.  But they haven’t been exposed to the deeply private Fluffy as that side is not appropriate in my line of work.  As I healed from a broken shoulder, Sarah’s writing helped me begin a journey of spiritual/emotional healing, forgiveness and restoration. 
I attended a women’s conference where author Lisa Bevere challenged us to be for our daughters what we wished we had at their age but did not.  Lisa said we are the answer to their questions.  I am the answer.
What Sarah did for me, I want to do for others.  I will begin to share things in my blog that are not recorded in my personal journals.  I always felt that when it was my time to go Heaven, I didn’t want my children to know all my business.  I also didn’t want too much of my history with men other than their father documented. I just counted and that number is 16.  Now before you think I rank with Kim Kardashian that number includes grade school crushes (smile).  
Unless a little voice instructs me differently, the only man I will discuss in my blog is _______.  Since typing those dashes gets tricky at times, I will call him Avant in my writing.  This name is a nod to the artist Avant who remade Rene and Angela’s “My First Love” nearly 15 years ago.  The duet with Keke Wyatt was a great song back in the day, but it took on a new meaning during my relationship with Avant.  If the song is unfamiliar, please check it out on YouTube.
I haven’t forgotten to tell you who Sarah is.  Her full name is Sarah Jakes-Roberts.  Bishop T.D. and 1st Lady Serita Jakes have the honor of being her parents, and Pastor Toure Roberts of One Church International is her husband.  She is the author of Colliding with Destiny and Lost and Found.  Visit her website at
Question:  How can you be the answer to someone’s question?
Scripture:  2 Timothy 2:15


  1. Congrats. I'm a private person too for various reasons. Yet there's something about telling your own story as opposed to letting others gossip or whisper about the pieces they THINK they know about you. It gives you a sense of freedom. Your transparency may very well free someone else.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I look forward to sharing more of my joys and struggles.

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