Monday, December 29, 2014

What About Your Friends?

We all need at least one friend who isn’t afraid of being politically incorrect.  One who will see past the mask we wear and tell us things we need (but don’t want) to hear.  That is my friend Marti to the core.  She and I have known each other since high school, but became closer after our 20th class reunion. Here is a snippet of our phone conversation last night.

“Have you heard from that ba_____?”

“Marti, don’t call him that.”

“His parents weren’t married so it fits.  Or would you prefer I call him dumb butt mother sucker?  Fluffy, have you heard from him?  You know he always calls you around a holiday.”

Marti’s words were more colorful, but I want to keep my blog PG/PG 13ish. She is the person in my circle who speaks without a filter, saying what others are thinking but wouldn’t dare speak aloud.  I shook my head and sighed as I sat back in my chair, adjusting the phone on my injured shoulder.  This was going to be one of those conversations.

“I have.”

“When?? He called you?”

“Avant texted me Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.”

“Did you text him back?  Did he try to sweet talk you into giving him another chance?  I know you are a forgiving person, Fluffy, but he needs to grow a set.  If he loves you he needs to step up or leave you the hell alone.”

“I did text him back, but not right away.  I didn’t have much to say to him.” 

“Fluffy, I know you’ve forgiven him because you’re a good person. But I’m not you and I don’t forgive him.  Avant doesn’t get any more chances.  I remember what he did to you. Fluffy, Avant made you cry.  I don’t ever want to hear you cry like that again.”

Marti was the first to learn of our break up (see “Put A Ring On It”).  She called my home the morning after to leave me a message, expecting me to be at church.  When I answered she heard the shakiness in my voice, knowing something was up because I rarely missed service.  I hadn’t planned on saying anything to anyone right away, as this was the second time I’d traveled this road with Avant.  I was embarrassed at what others would think of me.  In her Marti style she chipped away at the emotional brick wall I’d erected overnight until the tears came again.  I needed that. 

“Marti, that chapter is closed.  He made a choice.”

“That’s because he’s an idiot.  I dumb butt idiot.  Do you really believe God told him to dump a good girl?  Hell, you wouldn’t even have sex with him.  Now that’s what I call a good girl because I’d been all over that, Girlie.”

 “Are you saying that you wanted to push up on my man?”

“Uh, hell no.  He’s too nerdy and dorky for me.  I’m just saying if I were you, I’d let him hit that.  But with your luck you’d probably end up pregnant and stuck with the butthole the rest of your life.”

“You are horrible, stop it!”  We were both giggling at this point.

“I’m just saying.  And since you make more money than him the child support would suck.”

Marti might seem a bit rough around the edges, but her heart is genuine.  She has blessed me when least expected.  When I wasn’t able to drive due to my injury, she ran errands for me.  Marti addressed all my graduation announcements and drove me to physical therapy.  She ignores my pride and always jumps in to help.  I thank God for her.

I also thank God I was able to talk her down from busting out Avant’s car windows and slicing his tires. Yep, she’s that chick.  Pray for her!!

Question:  Who is that one friend who would go to jail for you – and not think twice?

Scripture:  Proverbs 18:24

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