Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Did You Miss Me?

“Like a fool I went and stayed too long….”

Aww, Stevie Wonder said it oh so well.  Sorry I’ve been away for a bit.  Took time away for self-reflection and to regroup after some crazy life events.  But all is well, and I’m ready to share my wisdom, observations and update you on my menagerie of friends. 


2015 has been a year of testing, tears, transition and testimony.  The purpose of this blog has always been to bring light into a dark world.  It will never be a whine and cheese party. I’ll write about the tough times as God leads me, but only if it helps someone who’s walked the same path. 

Mr. B

In early February Mr. B. sent a text that said “Yo boy is married.”  He allowed me time to scream then sent a pic of his hand slipping a wedding band on Mrs. B’s finger.  Mr. B found a woman he loved and made it official at a Phoenix courthouse.  My friend swore me to secrecy because he hadn’t told his family yet.

In July Mr. B. asked me to pray for his marriage, as he and his wife were experiencing a rough patch.  Early September he called and announced his marriage was being annulled in October.  How could this happen??  The friend who had guided me through heartbreak was now crumbling, questioning his ability to hear from God.  No, more than questioning – his anger toward God was indescribable. To add insult to injury he’d have to sever ties with three stepchildren who called him “Dad.”  My heart hurt for him. 


Ice is living in South Carolina with his new bride.  The man who said he was in no hurry to get married met a girl that brought him to his knees.  Ice completed his Physical Therapy residency and is beginning his stint as a Naval Medical Officer.  Dr. Ice and I eagerly await the release of the new Star Wars film in December and Facebook back in forth during the Presidential Debates.  His commentary is filled with expletives, mine not so much.  This GiGi has a reputation to uphold.


Marti is still Marti and her colorful language would make Samuel L. Jackson blush.  I had to convince her not to stab one of her co-workers in the eye with a surgical tool a few weeks back.  She still has a heart of gold.


She left a job that worked her last nerve and is happily employed in an area that allows her creativity to flow.


This GiGi followed in my footsteps and became a sponsor with World Vision (see Introducing….My Daughter from January 2015).  She and her hubby support a child as they stand on God’s promises for their own.


Yes, he’s still around.  You knew he would be!  We haven’t physically been in the same room since Summer 2014 and hadn’t talked on the phone since October (see Answered Prayer from November 2014).  No longer would my emotions be tossed around as a ship during a hurricane.  I was done with him and didn’t initiate contact.  Thanksgiving morning he texted, wishing a pleasant day with my family.  I thanked him 2 days later.  He sent an email, and I waited almost a week to respond.  Why should I hurry to respond?  I wasn’t his woman.  There is a cliché about absence and the heart – Avant felt it, pursuing me as we continued this dance for a few months.

Sunday, April 10, 2015…I’m sitting in my favorite chair reading when my cell phone rang.  I glanced to see who was calling and to my surprise saw a photo of us on the screen.  He was calling, but why?  I last heard his voice on October 10, 2014. Answer or let it go to voice mail?  I think you know what I did – but only after 5 rings.

“Hi Fluffy….It’s Avant…..How are you?”

We’ve talked on a fairly regular basis since that afternoon.  He’s still into me, but as I told him in November the dynamic of our relationship had changed.  What I want he can’t give me and I’ve moved on.  Notice I said “can’t” instead of “won’t”, but more on that in the future.  J

Thank you for your patience, friends.  I’m back and using the gift from my Father above.

Question:  When has the craziness of life prevented you from celebrating your gifts?

Scripture:  Matthew 25:14-30

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  1. A lot has happened since you last wrote and the year isn't over yet. I'm sorry that it didn't work out with you and Avant. Yet, men tend to know when they've messed up a good thing. You were missed and I look forward to reading more about your journey. Welcome back!