Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016!

Happy New Year!  I embrace 2016 with joy and expectation.  To paraphrase Donald Lawrence I declare today is the first day of the best days of my life.  You ain’t seen nothing yet, my best is yet to come.

My New Year’s Eve was quiet and uneventful.  My peers celebrated in their own manner, some were at clubs and bars, others at house parties and formal galas.  I chose to stay home from my church’s annual celebration and watched the service via streaming, texting with April during the service.  My 2015 had enough drama, so I relished time to be alone with my thoughts.  All that I went through (hurt, brokenness, fear, anxiety, ridicule) toughened my skin, made me wiser and strengthened me so I could take control of my life.  I was able to welcome the New Year with peace, and went to bed with renewed Spirit thanks to my Pastor’s message.  My sleep was interrupted by a ringing cellphone.  Not opening my eyes I found it on the shelf of my headboard.

“Hello?”  I yawned into the phone.  Not good manners I know, but it’s the middle of the night.

“Hi Lady Fluffy.  Happy New Year!”


“I’m sorry, did I wake you?”

Two years ago I would have been excited to hear his voice, this time I’m annoyed.

“Avant, it’s the middle of the night.”

“Well technically it’s morning…You’re still asleep?”

“I was until you woke me up.” I still didn’t open my eyes.  I wanted to go back to sleep as soon as I could.

“I’m sorry.  I just wanted to wish you Happy New Year, and make sure you’re okay.”

“Happy New Year to you, but why do you think something’s wrong?”

“I was thinking about something you said in an email.”

I shifted from my left side and turned on my back.  My eyes remained close, but I was curious on the direction of this call.

“You said you’d be happy when the year was over.  Fluffy I know it was tough for you.  You didn’t find the relationship you wanted...and that made you sad.”

I sat up in the bed.

“But you’re going to be okay.”

What is going on with him?  Where was this concern coming from?

“Avant, uh yes I’m fine.”

“You were really upset when we broke up, and I was wrong.  But I want to make things right.  I want to make you happy.”


“You want to make me happy?”

“I do, Fluffy.  I’m ready now.  I miss you, and want us to be together.”

Eyes wide open now.

“Avant, my happiness ain’t got nothing to do with you!  I don’t want you.”

“What?  What do you mean you don’t want me?”

“You hurt me twice, and I almost let you a third time. Remember when I was on sick leave because of my shoulder?  I’m done Avant.”

“Fluffy I know I was wrong, I messed up.  But I want you. I need you.  ”

“I don’t care what you want!  You don’t get to just come in and out of my life like that.  I told you our relationship had changed, and I was serious.  You can’t take some heifer with her chest all out to the 100 Black Men Gala one minute and then claim to want me the next.  You’re just horny.”

“Lady Fluffy, what has gotten into you?  You don’t talk like that!!”

“Well you better get used to it.  My world does not revolve around you.”

“Are you saying you don’t love me anymore?”

“You made a choice, and so did I.”

“But Baby I was stupid, I was dumb.  I got caught up in pride and my own issues.  You’ve always been a good woman, always by my side.”

“And you were never there for me.  It’s always about what you think, what you want.  What about me?  What about what I want?”

“And I can give that to you.  Honey, believe me!”

“Avant, I have to go. Goodbye.”

“Fluffy wait –“

I pressed the button to disconnect the call, but Avant kept talking.  The pain in my left hand caused me to throw the phone and say words that would stop Samuel L. Jackson in his tracks.

And then I woke up, heart racing and purple sleeping bonnet hanging off my head like a beret.

And that, Friends, is why a lightweight drinker should not toast the New Year by experimenting with drink recipes. Even if the drink is named after a favorite movie and song.

My cellphone was on the charger in the dining room, putting a new spin to the phrase “talk to the hand.”

Question:  Today is the first page of a new book of your life.  What story do you wish to write?

Scripture:  Luke 6:45


  1. This literally made me sit up in my bed so quickly that I dropped the phone on the ground. Wow, do you think that was your subconscious giving you the closure and/or final conversation that you wanted? That was some dream! No more drinks for you. Stick with camomile tea before bed.

  2. I think it was the conversation I wanted to have, and still plan to when the moment and my spirit are right. :-)

  3. I approve of this dream. I had to read it twice. Yeah, it may be the alcohol, but I think it was mostly you. Kudos

    1. LOL! I was able to have my say in real life. That will be a future post. :-) Thank you for your comments.