Sunday, February 28, 2016


When was the last time you took a moment to breathe?  Not just the function necessary to survive, but the act of being present, drinking in your surroundings and absorbing the essence of the atmosphere into your soul?  Probably not as often as you’d like.

I hopped a plan the morning after my birthday and spent the week in Orlando at my timeshare villa.  As a habit I don’t tell many when I’ll be out of town, but for those who knew the questions/comments were the same:

You’re going alone?

Aren’t you afraid to travel by yourself?
Not at all.  I take precautions.

You are so lucky to travel so much.  You must have a lot of money.
God has blessed me with favor and wisdom to make wise choices.  Anyone can do what I do.

Are you sure you’re not meeting some man down there?
If you count God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, I’m meeting three men in one.

Have fun – enjoy yourself and don’t think about the concerns you’re leaving behind.
Trust me, I won’t – and I didn’t.

My time in Orlando would be my first vacation since July 2015.  This week was going to be my personal retreat.  I planned to sleep, read, sit by the pool and watch a movie or two.  But most importantly I looked forward to visiting The Holy Land Experience and having alone time with God.  The only people I talked to on the phone were April, Yo and Avant. 

My goals were accomplished.  I even posted and edited a few blogs while I was there (smile).  I challenge you to take time away from the noise of daily life and disconnect.  You’ll be glad you did. Enjoy these pics of Fluffy Time.

P.S. I'm going to Scottsdale, Arizona in July.  This will be home for a week.

Question:  How can you renew yourself?

Scripture:  Luke 5:16 and Luke 22:43

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