Monday, February 22, 2016

Come Back To Me

Janet Jackson is someone I’ve admired forever, and in my head Penny from Good Times was my pretend sister/friend. I attempted to wear my hair as she did on Diff’rent Strokes and tried to wear a key on my hoop earrings until my Mama stopped that.  Her music is a significant part of my life’s soundtrack.  

Avant knew this and last summer let it slip on a phone call that he has “a thing” for Miss Jackson.  In his head he’s her boo!  Now why did he have to go say that? 

“So wait a second, when she’s singing Anytime, Anyplace you’re the reason she has her skirt around her waist and wall against her face?  That video, though.”

“You wrong for that, Lady Fluffy.”

“That’s what you get for jiving on me about Prince and El DeBarge.  I bet you were all up in that wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl.”

“Yes, Lord!  Janet and all her fullness.  Damn, I wanted to be Justin Timberlake…”

In November I saw Janet Jackson in concert during her Unbreakable Tour (see If) and got Avant a Janet Jackson coffee mug, which included a copy of her CD.  There was no ulterior motive. Knowing my adoration of all things Prince, Avant made a special effort to visit 1st Avenue while at a conference in Minneapolis.  1st Avenue is the nightclub that was featured in the move Purple Rain and is currently owned by Prince.  Avant struck a pose in all the photos, too. J 

I emailed Avant that I had something for him, and would be mailing to his home.  He immediately replied back, inviting me to come by his new office so he could give me a tour.  Whoa – hold up. The last time we were in the same room was May 2014!  To say I was taken aback is an understatement.  He was being bold, so I decided to be bold as well.

“I have a conflict that day, but how about Sunday afternoon?  I’ll be in town since I have an early morning presentation, and we could have lunch when you get out of church.”

“That’s a great idea, Lady Fluffy.  It’s been too long since we’ve seen each other.  I’ll pick a restaurant I know you’ll like.”

We were all set and I looked forward to seeing Avant.  Friends can share a meal –no big deal, right?  And then I got this text late Saturday night.

“I forgot that we have an afternoon program at church, so I won’t be able to take you to lunch.  You’re staying at the LaQuinta Inn, aren’t you?  I’ll come by after the program, around 7pm or so. Sweet dreams.”

My friend April and I joke about getting “fuzzies” concerning men from our past.  The fuzzies were not my problem.  Avant had channeled Janet’s brother and gave me butterflies inside.

To be continued…..

Question:  Who from your past gives you butterflies?

Scripture:  Philippians 4:8


  1. Really? You leave us there lol? What if you had dinner plans? That was extremely bold and to move the time without your consent. I can't wait for what's next.

  2. Yes, he can be bold at times and confused the next. He has his moments, but I'm cautious.