Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dating Solo

Who says you need a man to go on a date? You don't. Being 46 and single, you learn to do a lot of things alone. I've never had a problem going to the movies, concerts or dinner alone.  I would prefer to share these moments at times, but if I waited on others I'd always be waiting. Life is too short for that.

On this particular Sunday I made a decision to not go to church. Before you call me a heathen or backslider let me explain.  I serve in two ministries at my church and what is a worship service to others becomes a job to me.  Depending on my needs I will adapt my physical presence.

  • If I want to attend services as a regular person, I'll attend service without my uniform. I will help my team if needed. 
  • If need an uninterrupted worship experience I'll hide in the balcony with the sound booth team. 
  • If I am tired, in physical pain or need quiet time away from the masses I'll watch from my bed via iPad.  
I woke up with achy knees and tired muscles, so I listened to service while in the bathtub. A first for me! When service ended I put on a cute sundress with sandals and left the house. My first stop was to see my weight-loss counselor. I lost a pound (yeah), but still 6 pounds up from when I should be. Josie and I reviewed my chart  and saw I was at my lowest the day after I broke up with Avant. Extra nibbling wasn't the culprit, my activity had decreased. I drew the line in the sand. I had deadweight to shed.

Sundays are a day where I eat what I want within reason. So I decided to go on an impromptu date. I stopped by Best Buy and purchased a new fitness tracker to replace my broken one. Next I went to my favorite jewelry store so my three LeVian pieces could get their six month check up. Then I went to Starbucks where I had a waffle cone frappuccino and cranberry scone and paid with my iPhone like a pro. My mentee showed me how! ;-)  I sat for two and a half hours nursing my drink and handwriting future blog post. 

For dinner I drove to Panera Bread where I enjoyed a strawberry poppyseed salad, a bowl of chicken wild rice soup and a cup of water. Umm, so good...

In between eating and writing I watched a two-year-old in a lilac sundress do her version of a Texas two-step near my table. Oh to be that age again!  Next she slow danced to a song* I was unfamiliar with. I admired her boldness and freedom. Little did I know I would be doing a dance weeks later when I quit my job. Dance on baby girl, dance on! 

* I found out later that song was "Let The Monkey Ride" by The James Hunter Six. Check it out on YouTube.

Question:  When was the last time you stepped out your comfort zone and did something alone?

Scripture: Mark 1:35

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  1. SPEAK ON IT! It's so healthy to enjoy your own company. I believe more people would do it if they weren't worried about what other people would think my if they were seen alone. Congrats on the weight loss! I don't care if it was a half a pound. Learn to celebrate these accomplishments.