Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I've had an issue with clocks lately. When I arrived at my villa July 2nd the alarm clock in my bedroom wasn't working. When I did get it operational I realized there was a short in the cord. It didn't really concern me, as there were only 2 days I had to be conscious of time. My phone and Jimmy Fallon Walk Up Call App for iPad saved the day.  Don’t judge because I needed two alarms!

Returned home July 8th and went to set my bedroom clock to discover that it had died on me. How odd! This faithful clock had served me for over 20 years and decided to bite the dust. Thankfully I didn't sleep through the alarms on my phone and iPad when they went off at 5am Saturday morning.

After way too early appointment with my massage therapist I drove to Best Buy and got a new snazzy Sony alarm clock. It was a shiny cube with a USB outlet and projector that shined the time on the ceiling. It took up 1/3 of the space on my shelf and had the capability of playing nature sounds at bedtime. I loved my little gadget!

Monday evening I was saw the screen on my clock was blank. Pressed various buttons, nothing. Plugged it into a different outlet, nothing. Outlet in a different room, nothing. My snazzy gadget had been snuffed.

3 clocks over a week’s time? Coincidence?  I think not.  As I begin my new journey I think God wanted to remind me that I will always be on his time schedule.  I texted April my story and she confirmed my revelation.  I tried to set alarms for events to happen when I want them, but my time is different than God's. 

Okay God, it's just you and me. Since I'm not working, I don't have to be up at a specific time. I'll wake up when I wake up, and I'll trust you to be my alarm clock when I have to be up for church on Sunday.

I’ve been humming this song since Saturday. Enjoy this 80’s Culture Club video featuring a man I fondly call “Boy Georgie.”

Question:  How long can you go without checking the time on your watch, clock or electronic device?

Scripture:  Proverbs 16:9

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