Sunday, August 7, 2016


I’ve not had a relaxer in my hair in over 4 years, and have worn protective hairstyles in effort to transition to wearing my hair naturally.  This is how I wanted to wear my hair:

On August 4th I was prepared to begin wearing my hair naturally, but had a rude awakening when I visited my beautician Miss Providence.  The stress in my life took a toll not only on my physical body but on my hair.

“Baby Girl, we’re going to have to cut your hair.”

I turned my chair to look in the mirror – this is what I saw:

The stress of leaving my job and transitioning to “retirement” had caused hair at the crown of my head to break off.  I had 3 inches of length at the top, and shoulder length in the back.  I allowed the college to literally worry my hair away.  When I started at the college in 2004, I wore wrap hairstyle similar to this:

When Miss Providence was done I resembled Jill Scott minus the hair color, makeup and accessories.  I was Jill with black hair and silver sprinkles throughout. 

When I looked in the mirror I didn’t see a beautiful 46 year old woman.  I saw a six year old girl with short hair plaits.  A little girl who was laughed at because she was taller than her peers. A little girl who was chubby and knock kneed.  A little girl with only her brother to play with.  A little girl who believed she was ugly.  My confidence was mingled with my dead hair on the shop floor.
It didn’t help my self-esteem when an elderly client with dementia under the dryer shouted out “Sweetheart you look so nice.  You look just like a boy.” I wanted to cry.   

Miss Providence assured me that I didn’t look like a boy.  She along with Denise, April and my massage therapist Leesa gave the support and encouragement I needed to get my mind right.  Leesa also recommended hair products to help define my natural curl pattern.

Today I debuted my new hairstyle at church.  The first to compliment me was Phillip, a greeter who works on the east door that I enter.  He said how amazing I looked as he gave me a hug.  Did I mention he favors Avant?  Another blog, another time. LOL.

My fellow Ushers were the next shower me with praise.  Six of my team members welcomed me to the Short Hair Club and we broke out into an impromptu Naughty by Nature “Hip Hop Hooray”dance in the center aisle.  Nothing like coming to God’s house and getting pumped up!  Coincidentally (or not so much) my Pastor’s message was about pressing forward in life.

I’m enjoying my new look and will be experimenting with accessories and makeup.  I even bought a purple hair rinse I’m going to play with!  This is the new look I’m striving for in the upcoming weeks:

But then God may have something else in mind.   My transformational journey continues...

Question:  Are you your hair?
Scripture:  1 Corinthians 6: 19-20


  1. I am proud of you for embracing it. You can't hide behind hair. You may even enjoy the mild matienance at this time. It's a new start to being healthy. Plus that hairstyle comes in handy when working out.

    1. Thank you! After the initial shock I am getting used to the new look. Haven't dabbled with color yet, however. :-)

  2. I enjoyed reading this blog! Thanks for sharing and I am sure you are as beautiful on the outside as you clearly are on the inside! Keep writing!

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words!! I didn't realize how much I identified with my hair until it was gone. But I'm reminded that as God's creation, I am indeed beautiful. He doens't make junk. :-)