Thursday, December 1, 2016


Avant has a few pet names he calls me, one of them being Sephora.  I remember the first time he said it.

“You don’t know how special you are to me, my sweet Sephora.  You’ve blessed me beyond measure.”

Huh?  I’m his sweet cosmetic store??  This GiGi was clueless yet again. 

“Sephora in the Bible, my dear.”

Had Avant said it that way the first time, I would have known.  Duh, I taught a class on Women of the Bible!  But let’s be honest, how many men drop Bible references with their lady?  And I hope they’re being holy when they say they want to “know” us better.  But I digress….

Zipporah (also known as Sephora, I like this spelling) is an interesting character in the Bible.  She was the daughter of Jethro the Midianite and the wife of Moses.  If you aren’t a Bible scholar but have seen The 10 Commandments with Charlton Heston, she’s played by actress Yvonne De Carlo (aka Lily Munster).

A significant piece of Sephora and Moses’ relationship was omitted from the film. In the Book of Exodus God was very angry with Moses and was about to strike him dead when Sephora saved his life.  How?  By circumcising their son and throwing the foreskin at Moses’ feet.  She heard from God and took action.

Told you she was interesting!  Cecil B. DeMille knew 1950’s America wasn’t ready for that, plus the censors would have stopped him.

Today I was lying in bed reading when Avant’s father, Mr. H, came on my mind.  I didn’t have an opportunity to meet Mr. H but since we share a birthday (and love his son) there was a connection.  I smiled as I remembered some of the stories Avant told me about his dad.  I continued reading but couldn’t shake the heaviness that was on me.  The best way to describe it was that I felt something was wrong.  I asked God to take care of Mr. H, and prayed peace over whatever was going on.  The uneasiness wouldn’t leave me.

I promised myself that when someone is on my mind, I’d reach out to them.  Mr. H is paralyzed on one half of his body and lives in a nursing facility near Avant’s childhood home.  Mr. H couldn’t speak to me if I called, and not being family the nurses surely wouldn’t give me information.  If I lived closer I would have driven there.  I kept praying, asking God to heal this man since the only way I could help was out of my reach….or was it?

I had one of those moments when I felt God was thumping me in the head, but I did my best to ignore it.

“God, what do I do?  You told me not to contact him…”

The pressure got strong and stronger.

“Father, I trust you to take care of Mr. H.  I don’t need to get involved. “

Stronger and stronger…….

“Lord, do you want me to contact Avant?”

And then God spoke, and he sounded a lot like Sarah Roberts, 1st Lady of One Church LA.

“IF you ARE a Woman of God, you will act like it and do what you have been called to do.”

I rose from bed, and took my cell phone with me to my home office.  I said another prayer and texted Avant. 
Happy Thursday.  Your father is heavily
on my mind today.  How is he?

Hi Fluffy.  I hope fine.  I was there last weekend
You think I should call the nursing home?


Please do.  I doesn’t mean anything is wrong, but
I promised to check on people when they’re on my mind.

Ok, I will call & let you know.
Thank you.

I put the phone down and went into strong intercessory prayer, using my Heavenly prayer language.  And then I heard his text tone.


The Force is strong in U. LOL. He fell out
of the wheelchair while he was sleeping.
No injuries, praise The Lord!!! Thank U
for telling me.
My God…..Thank you for checking on him .

No, thank U! I’m glad U R in tune with
The Spirit!!!  God is better than good!
Amen (smile).

“That’s why it’s important that you know you’ve got a Word from God. Because when that confrontation comes you may be twisted into thinking that you should back up, when really God is calling you to go forward.” ~ Sarah Roberts

I AM a Woman of God. I know my spiritual gifts, and Lord I promise to flow in them. I will move forward as your Spirit directs me. 

Question:  Do you know your spiritual gifts?  This quiz can help you identify them. Click here.

Scripture:  1 Corinthians 12: 1-11


  1. Your obedience can save others. I'm sure Avant appreciated your obedience as well. Continue to walk on the path God has laid and He'll be sure to direct you as He did today.

    1. For me it's trusting that it's God. Faith tells us to act, and I'll do that. God will guide me if I get off course. He may even rain sprinkles down on me as a sign. :-)