Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy Birthday

In my little Fluffy World I can feel the days of the week.  Don’t think I’m loco, please hear me out.  Even though I don’t have to report to an office daily, Fridays create a feeling of excitement and anticipation.  Saturday mornings create a sense of joy in that I have a full day to do what I want.  Sundays are a day of reverence and feel inspiring.  National holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas have their own feelings, too. 

January 4th has its own feeling.  As I awoke to a new day I stretched lazily in my bed and said my morning prayers.  I then opened my eyes and smiled at the ceiling. 

“Happy Birthday, Avant.”

Today is Avant’s 41st birthday and he’s celebrating with his buddies after work.  That might not seem like a big deal, but it is. 

You see we share a common feeling about birthdays - they stir up unhappy memories.  I won’t share his sadness, but mine stems from my sister and maternal grandmother both dying on my St. Valentine’s Day birthday. 

Three years ago we both made promises to enjoy our special days.  Avant and I celebrated his birthday by having lunch, seeing a movie and barely escaping a horrible blizzard.  Avant planned a weekend of activities for me and did something no one had ever done.  He celebrated my birthday and St. Valentine’s Day separately.  I was his Valentine.

We weren’t on the best terms in January and February 2015.  We exchanged birthday email messages, but neither of us celebrated our birthdays separately with friends and family.

2016 was much better. We exchanged greeting cards and talked on the phone.  He didn’t celebrate his birthday, but I went to Orlando for a week.  The day of my actual birthday my nephew and niece created a restaurant in their home and served me dinner.  They actually took my food order!


I’ve matured in the past 9 months and am better at not trying to figure God out.  He doesn’t need me analyzing His actions!  I am thankful that He answered a prayer before 2016 came to an end.  On December 15th Avant and I became friends again.  I didn’t know if God would hear me (see “Turn The Page”), and there are no romantic strings attached.  At least on my part. 

Yes, I’m being honest.  Do I sit starry eyed, dreaming of what could have been?  No.  Do I still love him?  Of course, but that’s how I know God's worked on my heart.  I can look at that chapter of my life and smile my famous smile.  Avant didn’t become my fiancé, husband and Baby Daddy in 2016, but I received a greater gift – restoration.  I had my silly and goofy friend back.

My silly, goofy friend is living his life as I asked him to back in April.  Tonight he’s with his boys Dennis and Roland.  He’s not sitting at home watching television.

And I’m happy for him.

This was posted on Twitter today.

"This is for you, Avant! You know I have the balloon hook up. :-)"

"Fluffy, this is the best! You have given me a #socialmedia #bday greeting & I luv it!"

You're very welcome. :-)

Question:  What prayer has God answered differently than you expected?

Scripture: Mark 11:24

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  1. This is truly uplifting. Even though you didn't get the answer you may have desired, you are able to walk in obedience and regain a friendship. Who knows, Avant may introduce you to your future husband. Now wouldn't that be something?!